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Our shop started as a hobby and has turned into a leading provider of chassis, suspension, and race products for MX, TT & XC ATV Racers.


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We have the products and services it takes to make an ATV race ready.  Please contact us for pricing and questions.



              DirtWorks to soley focus on fabrication!

Effective immediately, Shockworx (located in Trenton, MO) has acquired the suspension service, modification, and tuning department of Dirtworks Motorsports!


Shockworx is a new upstart company to the ATV industry, but it's owned and operated by Bart Thomas, who is no stranger to the race track. Bart has been offering a very successful ATV engine building and race prep program in the Midwest for years, and also has been competing himself, so he fully understands the on-track demands placed on a race quad. We've been needing to focus more on our fabrication side, and Bart had been wanting to increase his services offered to the race crowd, so the transaction just seemed to make perfect sense.



#1 Effective immediately, Shockworx/Bart Thomas is your new GO-TO guy for your suspension service and tuning needs. He owns all of our equipment, tuning resources , inventory, and has been spending ample time in training here, so there is no reason that he can't offer the same level of suspension services that we have for years.


#2 DIRTWORKS MOTORSPORTS IS NOT CLOSING!!! Actually,it's just the opposite. We are simply going to focus more on our fabrication department, and attempt to reduce the lead time that we have always had on the parts that we produce in house. And, hopefully be able to finish up development on some new products that we have never had time to complete before.



Shockworks/ Bart Thomas

1122 Oklahoma Ave.

Trenton, MO





#4 We owe a huge THANK YOU to all of the customers in the past that have chosen Dirtworks to be there suspension tuning company. Most racers would trust someone holding there children before they trust someone holding there shocks! So anytime we have had a customer trust us with their suspension, that is something that we don't take lightly.


Josh and Randy Owens







Brycen Neal was able to wrap up the XC2 championship early in the GNCC Series for 2013. We are excited to see what 2014 brings for this young gun!


Kylie Ahart won the 2013 Womens class championship in the GNCC series and landed on the morning overall podium several times.  Great Job Kylie!


Michael Swift took the 2013 GNCC U2 Class Championship.  Great job!

    Updated Product - Replacement Precision Linkages

DirtWorks now offers a new upgraded replacement linkage for the Precision Stabilizer.  These units have been machined to provide better durability under wet & muddy conditions.


Available for YFZ450, LTR450, KTM450/525XC, TRX300EX, TRX450R, Polaris  Outlaw, and custom models


$39.95 for complete linkage with bolts & lock nuts

$24.95 for a rebuild kit with new heims & lock nuts


*will replace the factory linkage that comes with KTM450/525XC Models

New Can Am Outlander & Renegade Section

We have been involved in testing with several of the top GNCC Utility racers and have put time in with the Outlander & Renegade.  Take a look at our new tie rods we are offering and check back for new products that are in the works!



Congrats to Ryan Lane on the 2011-12 Mid-South Overall!

Congrats to Ryan Lane for wrapping up the Overall Championship in the Mid-South Series.  This is one tough series are we are proud to have Ryan running our products! 



Jody Estes wins 2012 OMA championship!

Highlighted Product - Dual Battery Setups

We are proud to announce the release of our new 24 volt battery kit for Honda TRX450R and KTM 450/525XC models.  These are complete systems including all components except battery, necessary to provide fast 24 volt starting power for holeshots and restarts with a hot engine.  24 volt power is provided directly to the starter, and not to the remaining electrical system.  Months of testing have insured that these systems will hold up to the rigors of XC racing.


The kits come with complete instructions and step by step photos so that anyone can install at home in their garage.  Battery boxes are water jet cut from 5052 aluminum and tig welded for strength.  Custom cables are included with copper lugs and plastic jacketing specific to each model.  These kits take the mystery out of 24 Volt starting systems, and anyone can gain the same advantage of a factory race team.



Honda TRX450R Version

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